Talking Photography with My Niece at the Lake House


Every summer I visit my parents at their lake house in New England.  One of the many bright spots of my visit is spending time with my one and only niece who, having seen her dad and most of her uncles with cameras around their necks all her life,  has herself become very drawn to photography.

For this image I was dealing with a very low light situation.  My overall aim was to get the light on the water to balance somewhat with the light on her face…and it was close enough for my tastes.  Although my shutter speed was a slow 1/25th wide open at f2.0, I trusted that the 35mm semi-wide length would hide or minimize camera shake if I held steady enough.  (With a longer portrait length lens, that same shutter speed may have introduced camera shake.)  I added a little extra sharpening to crisp it up a bit.  Lighting was from a porch light located to camera right, with the last vestiges of light from an evening sky over the lake to the left.


Nikon D3, with 35mm lens set to f2.0, at 1/25th sec., ISO 3200.


2 thoughts on “Talking Photography with My Niece at the Lake House

  1. Imageblokebr

    Great image. With the shutter speed 1/25 it wasn’t an easy task at all. Beautiful image indeed.

    1. eddie Post author

      I appreciate your feedback, Imageblokebr. I hope to post more images in the weeks to come. Thanks for visiting!


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