Groom-to-be, Charlie

In my previous post, I showed an image of my one and only niece.  This one here shows her newly declared fiance, taken at a recent engagement portrait session at the Shelburne Farms, in Vermont (USA).  The session had the two of them just being together while I tried to capture them in semi-orchestrated scenarios.   I call the approach semi-orchestrated because although I set the location, where they’ll stand, shooting direction, and general idea (together sitting, one giving the other a piggyback ride, etc.), within a particular context they do what they want (pose-free).   And I try to capture a moment, expression or mood.  By shooting this way, I think there is a higher chance of showing who they really are, not who they pose to be.

For this image, exposure-wise I wanted something in between silhouette and properly lighted.  Taking a few test shots, looking at the histogram, and fine tuning according to what I was seeing on the LCD screen, allowed me to get his face close to the envisioned exposure.  Then, since it was close in camera, later in photoshop I was able to refine it further by adjusting in levels/contrast.

Nikon D3, 85mm, f2.5, 1/1000sec., ISO200.  There was heavy backlight coming in from the afternoon sun over the lake, so using a good lens hood along with my hand near the lens, kept flare to a minimum.


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