Steeple on a Snowy Night

Most of my immediate family lives up north in Vermont and D.C.  According to reports, they’re having unusually heavy snowfall right now.  So that reminded me of an image I made one snowy night a few years ago during a winter visit.  My late brother and I were driving the snowy streets of downtown Burlington when we decided to stop into the City Market (like a WholeFoods) for some healthy goodies.  By the time we finished shopping at around 7pm and were exiting the store, it was cold, windy and quite dark outside.  However, light from the city streets and buildings was just bright enough to illuminate a nearby church steeple, and seemed to invite me to take a stab at photographing the scene.  By using an ISO of 1600 and a wide open lens at a slow shutter speed, I was able to get a reasonably sharp rendition of what I was seeing.  On the car ride back home, still shivering a bit (until the heat kicked in), I reviewed some of the images on my LCD screen and was glad I made the effort.  The lesson I took from this night was that even when conditions don’t seem favorable or even comfortable for making a picture, give it a try anyway.  So often it’s those very conditions that can lead to a memorable image, or at least a memorable experience trying to make one.

Nikon D200, zoom lens set to 68mm, f2.8, at 1/20th sec., ISO1600.  I remember handholding the camera, but I may have also braced it on top of our car for stability.


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  1. Michael

    I really enjoy your blog and photography. This reminds me of a painting. Very nice!


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