Joe the Pool Guy

As photographers, we never have to go very far to find a photo opportunity because in the normal course of living, we seem to be constantly presented with a steady stream of subjects or scenes to photograph.  Still, it was a few years before I realized that the guy who comes to service my swimming pool could be a willing portrait subject.

Joe usually arrives to do the pool with his hair all tied and tucked under a hat, so it was fun to show him in a more non-work-mode way… in a way that I hadn’t known him before.  A photo shoot is such a great way to find out more about someone, whoever it may be.

For this image, I used the light coming in from a large window with Venetian blinds, with a white reflector on the opposite side to shoot a little fill into shadows.

Tech:  Nikon D3, 85mm f1.8 lens; white wall about 3 feet behind the subject.


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