For this image I experimented with *not* using a reflector, which normally would kick some directional light into the subject’s face.  Shooting within a living room setting, with sliding glass doors in back of her serving as the main source of light in the room, the only light falling back into her face was very diffused, reflected off the various walls and objects in front of her.  I like doing little experiments like this because I learn a little bit more about my own preferences.  And here, I learned that I don’t necessarily like this really diffused lighting scenario.  I’d rather be working with a slightly more directional light — say, from a large white reflector in front of the subject.  For one thing, it was difficult in post processing to balance the light in the background with the light on her face.   Bouncing some light into the face would allow the background to be more correctly exposed, and therefore give me more options regarding how it is rendered in post processing.  It would also add some more modeling (soft shadows) to the face, and produce more attractive catchlights in the eyes.  As it was, the catchlights were a bit faint, so I emphasized them in P/P.

Tech info:

Nikon D3, 85mm lens set to f2.2, at 1/250th sec., ISO800.  Background walls were about 10 feet behind her.



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