Engagement Session

After many years of photographing W, it finally came time to make an engagement portrait for her.  She has always been a positive-feedback-lending subject to photograph, so I was eager to capture her with her fiance, M.

I placed them in a garden alley such that there would be sky light in front of them, with heavy vegetation on both their right and left sides.  Putting them in this tunnel-like lighting scenario served to subtract light coming in from either side, making the main illumination come from front, back and overhead.   A reflector was also placed just underneath them mainly in order to produce catchlights in their eyes, while also adding subtle fill.

For me, once the subjects and I have found our way (through little trials and errors during the session) to a pose that feels and looks comfortable and believable, it’s only a matter of trying to illicit an expression that fits.  I was satisfied with these expressions because they showed happiness without being too effusive.

Tech info:  Nikon D3, 85mm lens, set to f2.5, and 1/1250th sec., ISO 800.  Shot in monochrome mode.



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