New Age Cafe

After photographing all morning, I stopped for coffee at one of my favorite new age cafes in Lake Worth, Florida.

Tech info:

Nikon D3, 35mm lens set to f3.2, 1/800th sec., ISO800.  Exposure set for the background, with the idea that the subjects/objects in front would be partially in silhouette.

2 thoughts on “New Age Cafe

  1. Tami Chrostowski

    So sorry to post this here but I Don’t know how else to get to you. I used to go to ILP everyday and learned so much but I can’t seem to find it anymore? My daughter is interested in learning and I hoped to point her to the site to learn. Did it close down or is it another name now?

    1. eddie Post author

      Hi Tami,

      First, thanks very much for having been a regular at ILP; you helped make the forum the helpful place it was for many years. I have converted the site to a blog format where I post my work. However, I would be glad to answer any photo related questions you might have, especially when it comes to images I post here. Do you have any particular topic in mind at this time that I could help you with? Just let me know. 🙂




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