Weed on Fence

I noticed some kind of weed or vine on my backyard fence one day.  Although the scene was surrounded by heavy shade from foliage, the lighting effect was changing according to whether the sun was direct or behind clouds.  So I shot the scene during those times when the colors seemed  to pop.

Nikon D3, 60mm micro lens, f6.3, 1/100th sec., ISO200, on tripod.

2 thoughts on “Weed on Fence

  1. Steve Newberry

    Hey Eddie,
    Wrong place to post but didn’t know how to contact you.
    Please send an email with password and user name. SteveN is fine
    Email is snewb098@gmail.com Donno if it’s still free or not.
    BTW, great work as always.

    1. eddie Post author

      Hi Steve,

      Good to hear from you, been a while. Due to a high number of spam bots that try to register, I have turned off registrations. But if you ever want to reply to a post, just comment as you did here.
      I run this as a blog now, so yes, free to access and read.
      Thanks for checking in!



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