Running Sandpipers

This week I am having some fun photographing sandpipers at the beach here in Lake Worth, Florida.   This image came about due to a combination of slow shutter speed, intense backlighting/reflection off of the wet sand and a little overexposure.

Nikon D3, 135mm f2.0 lens, set to f16 at 1/40th sec., ISO100.

2 thoughts on “Running Sandpipers

  1. bin ziegler

    Hi, I want to know how to use pocket wizard to trigger sekonic 358 light meter to measure speedlights? It is very frustrating trying to figure out, many tries all failed.

    1. eddie Post author

      Hi Bin,

      It’s not the pocket wizard that will trigger the 358 to show a reading, it’s the flash burst that will do it. When the flash fires, this causes a reading to appear on your 358. Set the 358 to flash mode, activate by pressing the side button, place the meter’s dome in the appropriate location (i.e., next to subject’s face), then fire the flash. That’s all there is to it. 🙂

      Here’s my detailed instructions for the Sekonic L358:



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