Spoon in Coffee Shake

One of the reasons I look forward to waking up early every morning is the thought of starting my day off with my delicious organic coffee shake.  To make it I brew organic coffee beans, then into a Vitamix blender I add raw cashews, a tiny pinch of sea salt, and stevia powder to taste.  Sometimes I add a little maca powder if I want an energy boost for the day.  The tasty elixir is poured into a coffee mug as usual, and I sip it slowly using a silver spoon that a good friend gave me for a recent birthday present.

So anyway, while I was enjoying my coffee shake in the kitchen this morning, I began contemplating and losing myself within the design formed by the spoon and coffee shake’s bubbly foam.  Soon thereafter, I had to go get my camera and tripod for a close up of the scene.

Tech info:  Nikon D3 with 60mm f2.8 micro Nikkor lens, on a tripod, shot at 1/3 sec. at f16, at ISO 800.


7 thoughts on “Spoon in Coffee Shake

  1. Michelle

    The tones and composition are really lovely. You have always had a remarkable eye for lighting and composition.

    Is this no longer a website where photographers gather to share knowledge? I used to be a member and loved it… where did it go?

    1. eddie Post author

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and giving your kind feedback on this image.

      Regarding the old ILP: Yes, I have converted it to my own personal photography blog. It was time for the change. 🙂


      1. Lisa Tosi

        Very nice shot love the BW with the endless tiny bubbles and vintage spoon…
        I also look forward to mornings with a good cup of joe, I might just have to try it in a shake😉

        I was stopping in because it’s been a long while since I have logged into the ILP site. I will be honest and say I am a bit sad that it’s no longer available. Ive been MIA for a while, it’s been years since I logged in… life gets busy and priorities change. I’m guessing that’s also part of the reason for the ILP change. Good for you Eddie!
        Just want you to know that when I was first starting out I learned so much from the ILP site. Such a great place to learn, build confidence and collaborate. I so enjoyed the comradery that came along with the community of seasoned and budding photographers. Honestly, without ILP I’m pretty sure I would not have followed through with my hopes and plans for my photography business. Thanks Eddie for the time and energy you put into ILP. I’m sure there are many who greatly benifited from your efforts.

        Lisa Tosi

        1. eddie Post author

          Hi Lisa! I remember you very well from ILP – glad you stopped in to comment.

          What you said is exactly right, not only did you take a break from ILP, but many others did too, and for various reasons. And like with any other people-related project, participation was crucial to ILP’s survival. It took a long time for me to finally give in to the writing on the wall (I was stubbornly optimistic in thinking we could keep it going). But I eventually decided to call it a wrap and declare that it was a pretty darn good run while it lasted! 🙂 Lots of people learned, many started fruitful and rewarding photo businesses as a result… and most of all, it was just a lot of fun being around so many other photographers of all levels. I especially have fond memories of the early days of getting ILP going – the internet was still relatively new and there was a ton of excitement and beautiful camaraderie.

          I appreciate very much those kind thoughts from you regarding the old ILP, and hope to see you on your next visit here.

          Thanks, Lisa!


          1. Lisa Tosi

            Stopped by to see if anything is happening here.
            Hope all is well and you are still putting out amazing work.
            Haven’t been here since my last comment, so I just read your reply. I think many people miss ILP. It’s one of those things that many of us took for granted until it was gone.
            I still miss ILP and selfishly wish it was still an option. I especially miss it in times where I lack desire to shoot or I’m in one of those ruts of, “I’m just not feeling it.” I think all photographers have those moments and sometimes they last longer than a moment. I’m at the tail end of one of those now😉. Started thinking about where I started and of course ILP always comes to mind. Hope all is well with you Eddie. I look forward to seeing some of you work on here.


  2. Tamara Tigner

    Hi. I am another one that took a break from ILP. Was on the paid side for many years and learned so much more from this forum. In my case I took the break becasue my health went down and I had to close my studio. But i am now in the process of getting another studio and back at it. I am sad to see the forums are gone. Can you not even do the free side of things and have participation or did it go downhill completly? I think come back is in order and would probably generate alot of poeple who have now come back wanting it here. I would still even pay for the other side too.


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