Spoon in Coffee Shake

One of the reasons I look forward to waking up early every morning is the thought of starting my day off with my delicious organic coffee shake.  To make it I brew organic coffee beans, then into a Vitamix blender I add raw cashews, a tiny pinch of sea salt, and stevia powder to taste.  Sometimes I add a little maca powder if I want an energy boost for the day.  The tasty elixir is poured into a coffee mug as usual, and I sip it slowly using a silver spoon that a good friend gave me for a recent birthday present.

So anyway, while I was enjoying my coffee shake in the kitchen this morning, I began contemplating and losing myself within the design formed by the spoon and coffee shake’s bubbly foam.  Soon thereafter, I had to go get my camera and tripod for a close up of the scene.

Tech info:  Nikon D3 with 60mm f2.8 micro Nikkor lens, on a tripod, shot at 1/3 sec. at f16, at ISO 800.


One thought on “Spoon in Coffee Shake

  1. Michelle

    The tones and composition are really lovely. You have always had a remarkable eye for lighting and composition.

    Is this no longer a website where photographers gather to share knowledge? I used to be a member and loved it… where did it go?


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