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Constructive Critique

Please note the guidelines below.

As a participant in this critique forum, you agree to:

  • supply technical information along with my image, such as aperture, shutter speed, length of lens, and ISO used. I will indicate if I'm using a camera on auto-everything.

  • Define in my title whether I am looking for 'Nitpicking CC' and really want lots of guidance
  • acknowledge a fellow member's critique of my image.
  • not become defensive or give excuses once a fellow member has taken his/her valuable time and effort to supply me with a critique.
  • avoid commenting on the beauty or lack thereof of the subject of the image, and put all my energies toward commenting on the photograph's technical and artistic qualities.
  • avoid being vague about what I want critiqued in an image. I will give critiquers a hint as to what areas I'm having questions about.
  • not complain if I don't receive many responses on an image I offer for critique.
  • understand that anyone is qualified to give critique... since in real life most of the viewers of our images are not "qualified" either, yet their opinions are still valid.
  • I will try to make my critiques meaningful to the photographer, so that they can know why the image works or doesn't work.
  • understand that critiquers need not know how to fix a problem they notice in my image in order to mention it... simply identifying it may be enough.
  • not post requests for logo critiques, since they are not allowed in the open forums.

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