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ILP Guidelines - Must Read For New Members

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Posted 04 February 2007 - 07:22 AM


UPDATED 9/2012

Thank you for taking time to read up on the:
ILP Guidelines
(also known as "Rules")

  • If you have an issue with an action taken by ILP administration or an ILP moderator, or a decision by one of our paid membership review boards, please direct your complaint to, rather than posting it on the boards. Posting such issues on the boards inevitably leads to drama, and we aim to keep drama to a minimum so that the art and business of children's portrait photography may be discussed with as little distraction as possible.
  • All images and creative prose posted here are copyrighted by their respective talented authors. It is unlawful (and not nice), to copy and use these works without their permission (so please do not copy and paste member content from ILP into another outside forum without prior permission). Please ask an image's author first before adding your image modifications.
  • If you're posting images of children, please obtain permission from the parents to do so.
  • In order to maintain the peace in our forums, please do not attempt to use the forums to settle disputes (tempting as it may be), whether personal or professional in nature. Airing such conflicts in the forums sacrifices the peaceful atmosphere that we've come to expect here at ILP. Please do not "confront" members via posting on the forums... try email or PM first.
  • Part of ILP's appeal is that members here are kind to each other. In your posts, please try not to be mean to individual photographers, or to groups of photographers, organizations, etc. It only leads to friction and then regret later on. ILP shall have a low threshold for any such unkindness. Please Note: Any post that is viewed to be baiting or inciting or unkind, will be removed without notice. If suddenly your post has disappeared, it may be because you worded things a bit too harshly. Do not publish emails or email addresses that were privately sent to you - this is only good internet etiquette, not just an ILP rule.
  • Remember: Forums in the "open" category are accessible by anyone who registers, including potential portrait clients. So please do not discuss matters relating to marketing, pricing, labs, trade secrets, customer relations, or other such sensitive matters. Those topics should be discussed in the paid forums only, which are hidden to regular members. Also, please think twice about spilling your private guts in the forums... consider whether you want to give that much info to all.
  • Choose a forum wisely when you post. Do not post your question/image in more than one forum - it may be deleted. Also, we do not allow a member to quickly mass-post less-than-meaningful replies to random threads in order to satisfy a minimum post count to access certain forums. Please amass posts in a proper manner, thanks. ^_^
  • Special "Meetups" rule: You may post about getting together around a workshop being offered by someone, but please do not post their ads for them. Simply use your own words to discuss the workshop meetup and avoid sounding like a promotion for that workshop. Over-promoting posts will be deleted.
  • We no longer allow "vote in my blog contest" requests in threads or in sig lines. Reasoning: they're seldom educational photography-wise, and are wasteful of forum resources. These types of threads will be quietly deleted without notice. Similarly, please do not use the forums to cull votes to win online photo contests, or post "fan me", "friend me", or other such demands related to social network sites.
  • If you run into info that doesn't seem right, seek a second opinion. Although photogs here try to post valid info, sometimes they speak from personal experience, which may not be relevant to you.
  • We cannot allow any posts intended to collect money from members FOR ANY REASON. Please do not put ILP on the spot by posting a fundraiser for a heart-tugging cause, as it creates an awkward situation. In addition, such posts put ILPers on the spot to donate. Remember, ILP is a photography forum -- fundraisers should be conducted at your own website or other venue. Posts with links that serve to gain the poster money or credits or prizes, etc., are not allowed.
  • We do not allow posts which serve to round up members in order to create a group at another forum (a new venture, flicker, etc.). Not only is it not in ILP's best interest, but it's just not good forum manners. ^_^
  • Group buys are conducted only in the TradeShow forums, and only by ILP TradeShow Vendors. ILP Vendors may not start freebie threads, where items (actions, templates, etc) are given away. It is preferred that ILP not be subjected to viral marketing techniques; for this reason, posting links that promote a company's viral marketing campaign is not allowed. For example, posting "Groupon" links, or links to blogs or websites conducting viral marketing offers or contests... not allowed.
  • Please do not post business advertisements or conduct business transactions or customer support in the forums. Advertisements disguised as helpful posts are also not allowed. Vendors may not initiate discussions regarding their products or services. Vendors may respond to questions, but may not give sales pitches, tech support, specific and/or casual customer service (such as what might occur when seeking the vendor's opinion on an ordering decision) or offer links to their sites unless specifically requested.
  • Using members to market-test your product -- vendor market research (for example, asking members to test your new actions, or polling members for workshop preferences, etc.) -- is not allowed, since it is a form of advertising. Please do not post Facebook or Twitter links if they market products/services to photographers.
  • ILP is dedicated to child portrait photography not politics or religion, so in order to keep the peace please refrain from discussing political/religion issues, and from including such in your signatures. As administrator at ILP, I would like to state a strong preference: Please do not post (image or discussions) about the following topics, as they are not a good fit with the atmosphere at ILP: guns (in any context), hunted animals, kids with drugs, or any topic you consider highly sensitive that would eventually lead to drama on the forums. If you have a request for a disallowed topic, please let me know and I'll consider it.
  • It is preferred that you avoid choosing a mommy or daddy-related user name, since it would help the professional atmosphere at ILP to use a more straight forward user name such as your first name and last initial, or your photography business name, etc.
  • Specific Rules for Signatures:
  • All members of ILP (except for paid vendors): You may not have in your sig any advertising text or links to any company that is not your portrait biz. You may have a link to your own portrait related website or blog - the one your portrait clients go to. Extra non-linked text about your portrait website or blog is okay. Links to blogs or websites that collect money for any reason, including charitable causes, are not permitted. If your Facebook or Twitter link markets directly to photographers, it is not allowed in your signature.
  • You may not have photographic images in your signature, since they distract too much from photo discussion. If you need to show an image, place it in your avatar or profile. Non-photographic illustrations in the signature may not be larger than 70x140 pixels.
  • Animation is not permitted in signatures, since animation may distract from photo discussion.
  • Do not use extra large (larger than size "4") or lots of bold red text in your signatures. When your signature is too noticeable, it distracts from the photo discussion. If you see that your signature has been reduced in size or turned to normal black text, please consider it a gentle reminder that your sig was previously too loud.
  • Paid ILP TradeShow Vendors: You may place in your sig your vendor website link within a maximum of 3 lines of normal sized text, no more than 45 words in length; no exclamation marks (!) or special character strings allowed (for example, *****, or ###, are not allowed). Inappropriate sig text/links will be removed quietly. TradeShow members may also include a banner image in their signatures sized to no larger than 70x190 pixels. Please note: In your signature, you may only advertise the company linked to your TradeShow banner ad; in other words, you may not advertise more than one company.

    Please report any violations of the above guidelines by clicking on the "report this post" button located within the thread in question. Contact us to suggest any new guideline that you think would benefit the successful running of the ILP forums. Thank you. Ü

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Posted 19 February 2008 - 02:40 PM

Differences between the various member groups: (Updated 9/2012)

Open members: Free
The open forums area, which includes Open House, Showcase and more, are free and accessible by anyone who registers as a member of ILP. Because it is accessible to all, we do not allow business/client related discussions or supplier-related discussions to take place. Members are advised to read carefully the ILP Guidelines soon after registering. Welcome!

ILP Enthusiast: Enthusiast membership was designed to allow those photographers who are serious about improving their photography to share and learn with others of like mind. Forums included on the Enthusiast side include: "Basics and Beyond" (image sharing and discussion), Constructive Critique (honest image critique), Enthusiast Tutorials, Portfolio Building (discuss conducting PB sessions/methods), Lessons & Assignments, ILP Local Meet-ups, Pixels & Chips (any tech related discussion), Photo Equipment Discussion, ILP Advanced Readiness, etc. Note that in depth critique is not available on the free side, so Enthusiast membership allows members to receive constructive critique from others with more experience and more skills. No application necessary to join. ILP Enthusiast membership may be purchased here: Purchase ILP Enthusiast

ILP Advanced: $30/6month, $50/1yr. ILP Advanced allows access to a special forum that ILP members requested in order to allow discussion of advanced photo topics in a private setting. Both amateurs and pro-bound members are welcome. Accessible by application only, you must have a grasp of photographic basics and be producing consistently good images as evidenced on your website or blog, Flickr set, etc. Apply here.

ILP Pro Forums: $50 fee on approval, no charge thereafter.
Discuss all aspects of professional photography in a moderately secure environment. It's more difficult to get approved for access to ILP Pro compared to Advanced. Members approved for ILP Pro must show not only excellent photographic technique, but also just as important, he/she must demonstrate a "voice", a certain level of deliberateness and consistency in the way they approach and execute their photography. Application availability posted on front page of ILP.

ILP Gold (badge), by invitation only.
For ILP members who currently produce exceptional work on a consistent basis, AND who have shown long time contributions and helpfulness to the ILP community over the years. No special forum is allocated.
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